What you pay a graphic designer for

In this age of technological revolution and constant development, it’s worth breaking down what you are getting when you pay a professional graphic designer. Graphic designers create quality communications with sophisticated software, art training and can leverage their industry knowledge and relationships. It’s worth it to let us help you save time, avoid costly mistakes and build relationships with your audience.

To communicate effectively with your customers

Graphic design is visual communication. Anything anyone sees about you and your company is fair game. From a social media post to a catalogue to a billboard, all things visual are where graphic designers shine. We can take a jumble of images and words and organize them so that your most important message is clear and exciting. We make sure what you want to say is pleasing to the eye and on brand. I will also read what you give me and make sure it is pretty + perfect. Graphic designers are trained to follow specific brand guidelines and make your communications the best they can be. Consider having a graphic designer design an explainer infographic to help your customers understand your business processes or a new catalogue to best show case your new products.

To design efficiently

How many times have you spent *way* too much time messing around in Canva, Powerpoint or (*shudder*) Microsoft Paint trying to get something just right? Do you know how to submit a file properly to a printer? What about the best dimensions for social? The numerical values of your brand colours? Graphic designers have spent many many hours learning (and continuously learning) about industry standards and sophisticated programs like Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. The Adobe Creative Suite is the industry standard for professional design used by printers, high quality magazines, book publishers and web designers all around the world. This software suite has many options in terms of layers, margins, vector graphics and other editing tools that all have a big impact on your project. If you are not an expert user, save your time- pay a designer to do it quickly at high quality.

Note: I do try my best to empower you and help you save time and money. While I can’t transfer my almost 20 years of experience to you instantly, I am willing to teach you how to use simple tools like Canva for small projects (social posts, postcards). Where applicable, I will give you all of the files you’ll need to succeed but I ask that you let me help you with larger and more complicated projects.

To know current trends & exercise their expertise

In addition to staying on top of changes to our technical programs of choice, graphic designers watch for the latest design trends. Graphic designers know how to evoke the feelings you want your target audience to feel using images, colours and text. Staying up to date on the latest colours, fonts and layouts provides fresh ideas for your business and can help you get noticed. I genuinely care about my clients and want them to succeed. I am an advisor-not just a service provider. I’m honest with you about your business. Your goals are my goals and we can use great design to get there.

Each client has a different set of challenges that graphic designers are ready to take on. We have expertise when it comes to all of the possible applications for your communication. We know what it takes to make the best images for your website VS a printed brochure VS a t-shirt. Pay a graphic designer to avoid costly mistakes or unexpected hiccups with your projects.

To leverage relationships and experience

Graphic designers don’t work alone. We have relationships with printers and other vendors and can leverage those relationships to get the best prices and timelines for your project. We can help explain processes to you like variable data printing or social media resolution. Our experience varies between applications and we can use the correct tools with the right people at the right time.

Paying a graphic designer is about a good working fit but it is also about value. It’s worth it to let us help you save time, avoid costly mistakes and build relationships with your audience.

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