The importance of print issues

Print issues have been in circulation for a long time (anyone remember the Sears Wishbook? who still gets delivery of O Magazine?) and even though print experienced a decline in the early 2000s, it is now making a comeback. While adapting to COVID-19, print issues are a great way to connect with your customers when they can’t or won’t come into your place of business.

Print issues are super flexible

Print issues can be a short or long catalogue, premium brochure or magazine. They can be published seasonally, monthly or on demand. You can print a small or large number of issues and can design the issue to include some personalization made possible by variable data printing. Most printers can also handle printing the addresses on and mailing it for you. Additionally, there are many ways to view issues developed for print online (see below!) giving the print issue double power. 

No matter the name, issues are effective

Print issues can help you gain new customers but can also help you keep existing ones. The Harvard Business Review recently did an experiment with a luxury watches retailer and found that “[the] “Email + catalog” group experienced a 15% lift in sales and a 27% lift in inquiries, compared to “Email-only” group.” A tactile take away helps keep your customers engaged.

Premium brochures are an elevated option to the traditional tri-folded brochure. They are longer (average 8 pages) and larger than traditional brochures and are usually printed on high quality paper. Premium brochures highlight one product or service or even something like a home listing for a real estate agent. Annual reports also fall under this category. The premium brochure gives a nice take away for your clients if they are visiting your in person office or home viewing and they could also be delivered virtually after a zoom meeting as a nice follow up.

Catalogues are traditionally published seasonally to showcase a new collection of products. It can be short (12 pages) or long (100+ pages) and earns its place among other channels in a multi-channel marketing plan. Mailing a catalogue is a great way to bring your store to your customers when they can’t visit you in person. Lots of fashion retailers publish seasonal catalogues but any product based business can benefit. Giving someone something tactile stands out from the deluge of digital mail we get constantly.

Magazines are still very popular today and are traditionally published by independent houses. However, many companies or non-profit organizations publish a magazine with curated content targeted towards a specific industry. Magazines are longer format (40+ pages), printed on glossy paper and are published monthly, quarterly or seasonally. GG Magazine (published by real estate giant Engel & Voelkers) and Business Voice (published by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce)

Reconsider print

During this time of global uncertainty, try going back to a tried and true method of messaging- print. It is a high quality way to show case your products or services and can reach people at home or online.

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