How much does graphic design cost?

Graphic design cost can vary depending on the designer’s experience and if the work you need done is part of a package or piecemeal. Here at Pixels & Pieces, I offer specific packages but I am also available for custom work that is priced on a per project basis. I am a solo-preneur with lots of flexibility to discuss your budget. Choosing a designer is about price but it is also about fit. You’ll want to choose someone who has a style you like and can meet your needs. If you are looking to save a few bucks, do some thinking on your own about what you want ahead of time. No one knows your company better than you and writing down some thoughts or even a sketch before hiring a designer will help move things along. Try and be as succinct as possible in your communication, the more a designer needs to guess what you want or like, the more it will cost you in the long run.

Per hour projects

If you need a small item designed like a social ad, a brochure or poster, you can expect the cost for your project to be based on a graphic designer’s hourly rate. An hourly rate is based on the designer’s years of experience. You can expect quotes that are not only based on a graphic designer’s designing time but time interacting with you on calls, dealing with proofs and liaising with printers and other professionals. The advantage to per hour project is that you can set a budget and stick to it.

Here’s what you can expect for a per hour rate:

  • Entry/Mid-level: $20-30+/hour
  • Expert: $50+/hour

Package deals

Branding projects are the most common graphic design activity listed as a one cost package. Branding projects involve a bunch of smaller pieces (logos and also business cards, slide templates, facebook cover pages, etc..) and sometimes its easier to put all of the activities into one package. Graphic designers and agencies also want to show you that branding is more than just a logo and a lot of thought and feeling goes into creating a brand for your business. You can get a price break hiring a solo-preneur or you can go full on at an agency. The more brains on deck, the higher the price. The advantage of buying a package is that you pay one price no matter how long it takes to get the work done.

Branding packages can look like this:

  • Solo-preneur/small company: $1000+
  • Large agency: $3000+

Cost that’s not cash

Some people may think “well, my son/niece/neighbour drew a logo for me and that’s all I need”. Or “I can just hop online and grab a good logo for $5”. Not true. Your company needs a solid brand to be recognized in your industry, to establish credibility and to spark a connection between your business and your potential customers. Good graphic design will cost more than $5 and is done by professionals who understand colours and fonts and feelings but also different possible applications of your brand in different situations. They also take the time to get to know you and your company. There are great programs out there right now like Canva or PicMonkey who have lots of lovely templates but a computer can’t replace a human connection. By trying to cut corners on important things like your logo, you’ll get a lower quality product but you’ll also have to spend more money later when you try and put a 5 colour logo on a t-shirt (they charge per colour!) or to fix your logo so its suitable for your pull up banner (is that photo from your phone the best quality?).

How I am different

At the end of the day, hiring a graphic designer is about fit. Does their package fit your needs? Your budget? Does their art and communication style jive with yours? Some designers (like me) will go the extra mile for you. I will read what you give me to make pretty. I will give you all of the files you need to complete future projects. I will give you honest advice about your brand- at no extra cost.

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