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Pixels & Pieces is a Halifax, Nova Scotia company

What I say about me

woman with blue hair in front of buildings in Halifax, Nova ScotiaHi, I’m Amy. I’m a graphic designer for small business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am the founder & force behind Pixels & Pieces. I completed a graphic design diploma in 2002 (NB), a BA in 2006 (NS) and a Masters of Science in Publishing in 2008 (NY). I also became a PMP (project management professional) in 2019. In late 2019 after a corporate layoff, I joined the CEED program and bought a laser engraver. 

My main goal is to empower small businesses. I offer full service graphic design that includes all files for future projects, text editing and honest advice. I am an advisor, not just a service provider. Add my project management skills to the mix and you get some #seriouslyhighvalue!

The name ‘Pixels & Pieces’ unites the many different services I can offer. I can take your idea/business from concept/name to a visual logo, to an online home (website & e-book) to branded assets (brochures, business cards) and then even through to physical branded products (coasters, folios, ornaments). All of the pixels and pieces come together under your brand’s umbrella.

I have worked with government organizations, academic institutions, non-profits and new & established small & medium sized businesses. I leverage my unique combination of education and expertise to elevate your brand and create thoughtful products. 

When I’m not making, traveling, skiing or running, I live in Dartmouth with my husband and our chocolate lab Rocky.

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