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Gain Confidence & Skill
with Your Branding

I’ll help you fix your logo so that it’s easy to use in Canva
AND is communicating the right feelings your target audience.

All in 1 day!

Pretty & Practical & Purposeful

Does your logo make sense? Is it easy to use?

Is there something not quite right with your branding but you can’t put your finger on it? Did your daughter/friend/advisor create it for you but you don’t love it? Do you waste tons of time in Canva?

Your logo should communicate what your company does and make your target audience feel what you want them to feel. You should be able to create anything in Canva in minutes.

Yes, really, in 1 day!

How it works


During the first hour we chat about your target audience, how you want them to feel and what your current challenges are with your branding.

Live Designing

During the second hour, we go through colour/fonts/shape/style to make sure that you have a logo that you love, that is appropriate for your business and attracting your target audience. AND that works in Canva and on your website.

File delivery

At the end of our time, I deliver your Canva files to you as well as instruct you how to apply your new branding to social posts, business card and website.

Amy Harrison

Founder & Force, Pixels & Pieces Design

Practical Design Expert

Hi! I'm Amy

I’m all about how it works. Fancy, artsy, logos can be really pretty and fun but what happens if you can’t use them effectively day to day? 

I’m focused on providing branding that looks great, makes sense, and is easy to work with in Canva and on your website.

"Thank you for you today. I enjoy working with you and I like that you make me think. I am pleased with the results."

- Terri Shobbrook, Seaweed & Sod

$2499CDN +tax
  • A full 3 hour session 1:1 with Amy
  • Revamp of your existing logo
  • Canva Brand Kit setup

Logo Fix in a Day - Common Questions

Now Booking for April 2024

Our session together is a pre-booked morning or afternoon, approx. 3 hours long.

Yes! We walk through my fix-it process that examines colour, font, shape, style, composition, and hierarchy.

The other half of the day is where I spend some time before our meeting doing some light competitor research and idea generation.

While I have had success with many clients, booking this service does not provide a guarantee that we will finish in the time allotted.

If we don’t finish in the allotted time, I will deliver files for as far as we got. If additional time is required, you may have to book another session. 

Logo Fix in a Day is meant for business owners who can make decisions in the time allotted with guidance. It is not suited for organizations who have layers of approval processes. 

If you would like a process with multiple back and forths with time for approval processes, please contact me about booking a full re-branding package.

Logo Fix in a Day is meant for business owners who can make decisions from their gut quickly with guidance. If you would like a process with multiple back and forths and time to think about your decisions, please contact me about booking a full re-branding package.

No. This package is intended for digital use (website, social media etc) only. If you anticipate needing a custom illustration or vector files, please contact me about a full re-brand package.

Full payment is required to book your time with Amy. The form below takes care of both booking the date your want and your payment. I accept credit cards and e-transfers. If you would like to pay via e-transfer please email me so I can adjust your account and book your date.

Logo Fix in a Day is designed specifically for business owners who have a business name, logo, and who know who their target audience is. If you don’t have a logo yet, please contact me about a startup logo package.

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