attract more customers with good branding

First impressions can come from anywhere and can make or break your business

What is your logo saying about your company?

Colors, fonts, & icons all communicate ideas and feelings

Before: To the naked eye, Mary’s logo looks ok BUT the colours, fonts, and icon she chose weren’t working for her.

After: Mary, a payroll specialist with corporate business clients, is communicating that it is easy to work with her, that her clients can trust her with their money, that she will get it done for them and they will grow as a result.

I can help make sure your branding is appropriate & communicating well

Look Good No Matter Where

I've got you covered no matter where your customers are

You know that you need more people to know you exist, they can’t buy if they don’t know you’re there.

You are on multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, you may have a website, product labels or even a physical location. 

A good brand is flexible and is easily applied in multiple ways.

I help you create a brand that makes sense to your target audience, looks good, and is easy to work with.  





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Understand Your Brand

Download my FREE DIY branding guide

Start to understand your own branding information by recording your colour values, fonts, shape and style information in one handy place.

This will help you stay consistent and gain trust with your customers. 

Download my free brand guide and you’ll have a place to record all of your important brand information so you can share it with your team (or keep it as an easy reference for yourself!). 

What My Clients Say

blue and green logo with the text SuBAIT and superior sustainable substitute
Working with Amy is ... fun! She walks you through a process of great questions so that she can truly understand your business and your goals.

She goes above and beyond in terms of providing you with everything you need to easily use and access the graphics she creates.
I felt heard and respected throughout the process and am VERY pleased with the results.
From start to finish Amy was wonderful to work with. She really listened to what I needed and she asked the right questions I didn't even think of to make sure my logo and brand would be the right fit for me.

Amy and her online proof process were so easy it made the process fun and not overwhelming.
I am very satisfied with the logo designed by Amy for my company.

Amy is very professional and always keeps good communication with me during her design process. I am looking forward more works from her in the future.

I would definitely recommend Pixels & Pieces Design.

Attract New Customers. Be Confident in Your Brand.

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