Graphic design for solo-preneurs

Look good, engage your audience, grow your business

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Hi, I'm Amy!



Your company needs a solid brand to be recognized in your industry, to establish credibility and to spark a connection between your business and your potential customers.

Issues & Catalogs

Do you have a seasonal business and want to show off new products in a glossy catalog? Or can you provide insightful analysis of your industry and want to become a thought leader?

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If you are a coach/consultant/trainer you know how long it takes you to do a different slide deck for each client or project or keynote. What if you could reduce the time you spend on slides from 5 hours to 5 mins?

Smaller stuff

Ok, you’ve got your logo and brand guide in hand. Now you need a business card, a poster, some on brand social posts or even a back drop for a trade show- I got you.

Perfect + Pretty

I will actually read what you give me to make pretty. Then I'll make it look great.

Full files

I give you all of the files and logins you need and teach you how to use them.

Honest advice

I am an advisor-not just a service provider. I'm honest with you about your business.

Special offers

Holiday Gift Guide now available!

  • Take corporate gift giving to the next level

  • Make a lasting impression with a personalized or custom gift

  • Easily order a personal and thoughtful gift

Free branding guide for small business

  • Understand colour and build trust

  • Figure out fonts and feelings

  • Establish your company in your community

  • Get tips and tricks from a professional designer
space for branding information such as feelings, colour values and font choices

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Side hustles

Looking for masks?

ARMABREATH masks and mask filters available now

Looking for custom promo?

Looking for a thoughtful way to reach out to someone special?