Graphic design for small business

Hi, I'm Amy & I'm here to empower you!

I am an occasional artist, maker, runner, gardener and an all-the-time dog lover. I am a graphic design for small business. My goal is to empower you.

During my career, the times that I have felt the best about what I was doing was when I was empowering someone else. In places that I’ve worked, I’d often get a phone call or email that started with “… hey Amy, I tried to do… and I can’t figure it out- can you help?” and I would go visit that person and show them how to get past their problem. I never just did it for them silently, I showed them what I was doing each step of the way. We solved the problem together and in the end they also knew how to do a new thing.

I am an optimist, I ask the question “why” a lot and I ask the question “why not” even more. I challenge the status quo and push the envelope. I want to make you look better and save time but I also want to empower you to make great design decisions and move your business forward. I am in your corner. I know you can do it.  

woman with blue hair leaning on a yellow railing with graffiti on the wall behind

Full service graphic design

Perfect + Pretty

I will actually read what you give me to make pretty. Then I'll make it look great.

Full files

I give you all of the files and logins you need and teach you how to use them.

Honest advice

I am an advisor-not just a service provider. I'm honest with you about your business.

Book a complementary chat

Do you think I'd be a good fit for your brand? Want to learn more about how I can empower you? Let's chat!

Special offers

Free branding guide for small business

  • Understand colour and build trust
  • Figure out fonts and feelings
  • Establish your company in your community
  • Get tips and tricks from a professional designer
space for branding information such as feelings, colour values and font choices

Need to take your small business online?

I want to empower you to grow your business. Let's chat about what you need to meet the demands of our digital world.

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