Some people think that having a “brand” is only for large companies. All businesses, no matter the size, have the same problem- they need to communicate.  Some people may also think “well, my son/niece/neighbour made a logo for me and that’s all I need”. Not true. Your company needs a solid brand to be recognized in your industry, to establish credibility and to spark a connection between your business and your potential customers. 


Consistency is the key to more customers  Make sense?


Think of your brand as an umbrella. All of the visual cues, such as shapes, symbols, number, and words and all of the things you see, hear and feel about your brand is under this umbrella. You need to be ready to apply your company logo, colours and fonts in multiple situations quickly and easily. 

Perfect + Pretty

I will actually read what you give me to make pretty. Then I'll make it look great.

Full files

I give you all of the files you need for any opportunity that comes your way.

Honest advice

I am an advisor-not just a service provider. I'm honest with you about your brand's potential.

I can help you organize the thoughts and feelings about your company into a solid visual brand. With your branding guide in hand, you can gain trust through consistency and grow your company.

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