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New Name - New Look

HBA needed a new look after a name change and 30+ years in business

full colour

Slide to see HBA’s new look after a name change

HBA Chartered Professional Accountants used to be Hunter Tellier Belliveau Chartered Professional Accountants- a massive mouthful on the phone! They were nearing a celebration of 30 years in business and their staff structure had changed. They needed a new brand to go along with their new name. They wanted to stick with similar colours because they are still part of the AC group but wanted a new modern look that would communicate to their clients that they were easy going.

Their modern choices convey that they are up to date with the newest trends, laws, and technology (very important for accountants!). 

I'm Amy & I'm here to help

I’m a freelance graphic designer with 20 years experience working with all sized businesses, governments, and non-profits. I’m also a business owner myself and I understand how difficult it can be to make decisions and the daily pressures entrepreneurs face. 

I know how the elements of colour/font/shape/style attract customers and impress peers. I use tried and true graphic design concepts like readability, hierarchy, & consistency with new technology like Canva to make sure your branding looks good and is easy for you to use.

“Wow, I didn’t even think of that!”- My clients

I help you avoid costly mistakes and embarrassment due to errors, inexperience or rushed design.

I tell you like it is. I care about your business and am not afraid to tell you what’s not working.

United Company - One clear message

DSS had acquired some companies and needed a brand that represents their international business

DSS Full Colour

DSS Protection has been providing emergency equipment to airplanes, ferries, boats and others for a long time. After running separate companies, they realized it was time to amalgamate all of their offerings officially. They changed their name and needed a new brand to go with it. 

They need their customers to know that they are a serious company who provides quality emergency equipment in multiple industries and that customers can expect protection above and beyond their competitors if they bought DSS products.

The blues (sea, sky, trust, corporate) and a sturdy font are topped off with an extra orange circle of protection. These careful choices communicate so much without having to say a word. 

Slide to see DSS Protection’s single brand that unites all its offerings

How We Work Together


I listen as you tell me everything about your company, your likes/dislikes and what you want to communicate.


I’ll put together your deliverables with care. I prioritize functionality and style.


We’ll go back and forth or even do a live design review. I’m not happy until you are happy.


The best part! You get to show your awesome brand with the world. You can put your new logo everywhere!


A brand is more than just a logo. It’s an umbrella! It’s really every piece of content you produce from your business cards to a trade show banner, even your invoices. Any time anyone sees your company name, they should see the same unique combination of colours/fonts/icons and feel the same feelings about you. Each of these attributes need thought and care. I have the expertise and experience to anticipate every brand opportunity and give you appropriate files so that you are ready no matter what comes your way.

It has been said that potential customers need to have 7-12 interactions or touch points with a company before they buy. Unless each one of those interactions is consistent (same name/font/colour/icons), they don’t count towards the 7-12. Not being consistent can cause confusion and drive your customers away. The best approach is to be consistent so your customers recognize you every time. People buy from brands they trust. The best way to earn trust (and sales!) is consistency.

On average it takes 4-8 weeks from initial call to delivery. Depending on my schedule, I can deliver certain files earlier if you have something coming up but creativity can’t be rushed! 🙂 

Is it time for a new look?

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