Branding for small business

I design brands for businesses of all sizes who want to start off on the right foot or need an upgrade after being in business a while. 

I’ve got the skills and expertise to create the just right combination of colours, fonts, shapes and styles that tells the story of your business.

Download my FREE branding guide

Did you know that colours and fonts convey feelings to your potential clients? Do you know what your colour values are? If you hired someone- could they easily be consistent with your brand on social media, an invoice or in a company email? 

Download my free brand guide and you’ll have a place to record all of your important brand information so you can share it with your team (or keep it as an easy reference for yourself!). 

Branding Guide 2.0-Cropped

What's under your brand umbrella?

You just threw something together (or didn’t) and now you need something to make you legitimate in the eyes of the public, government or other partners.

Some people think that having a “brand” is only for large companies. All businesses, no matter the size, have the same problem- they need to communicate.  Some people may also think “well, my son/niece/neighbour made a logo for me and that’s all I need”. Not true. Your company needs a solid brand to be recognized in your industry, to establish credibility and to spark a connection between your business and your potential customers. 

Think of your brand as an umbrella. All of the visual cues, such as shapes, symbols, number, and words and all of the things you see, hear and feel about your brand is under this umbrella. Each of these attributes needs thought and care.

You need to be ready to apply your company logo, colours and fonts in multiple situations quickly & easily. Being consistent with your branding is the best way to gain trust (and sales!) with your customers over time.

Amy Sept 2021

Hi, I'm Amy

I’m a freelance graphic designer with 20 years experience working with all sized businesses, governments, and non-profits. I understand how colours and fonts convey feelings and how to combine shapes and styles effectively. 

I use tried and true graphic design concepts like readability, hierarchy, & consistency with new technology like Canva to make sure your branding looks good and ready for you to use.

I help you avoid costly mistakes and embarrassment due to spelling errors, inexperience or rushed design.

I give you multiple versions of your finished logo design so you can adapt to every brand opportunity that comes your way.

I tell you like it is. I care about your business and am not afraid to tell you what’s not working.

What do I need?

Brand Audit

You have an established brand/logo but you are wondering if it looks “good” and if it is communicating what you want to communicate to your potential customers. 

You want a few good tips about how to convert strangers into customers using branding and you’d love to have an hour with an expert to ask questions. 

Brand Road Map

You have a logo that you bought from a site online or even an inexperienced designer that was ‘good enough’ when you started but it’s not living up to its potential now. 

You like your logo but it’s hard to be consistent because you don’t know your colour values or font information. You’ve never really thought about how to be consistent by establishing a style with fonts/shapes/colours. 

You want to pass information along to someone else who is helping you with social media, your website or some other brand opportunity but don’t have what you need. 

You need to stop reinventing the wheel when opportunities come up, you need focus, guardrails, for your brand.

Full Brand Design/Re-Brand

You are brand new or you’ve outgrown your current brand. You’re targeting a new niche or want to upgrade the logo your niece/daughter/friend made you a while back. 

You need a one stop shop where its done right the first time and you have everything you need right out of the gate. 

You want the freedom to DIY when you can plus the confidence of having an expert in your back pocket. 

Annotated Brand Guide
You need a quick reference branding guide that has all of your font & colour information in one place. 

Brand Audit

$ 199
+ tax
  • Overall letter grade based on consistency, readability & projected feelings
  • 3 best things you can do to improve
  • The do's & don'ts of consistency guide
  • 30 mins 1:1 with Amy

Brand Road Map

$ 999
+ tax
  • Easy reference branding kit that includes your colour values & font info
  • Font delivery (if font is free, or link to purchase font if not available)
  • Agency-like description of your shapes & style
  • The do's & don'ts of consistency guide
  • 30 mins 1:1 time with Amy
  • Website favicon
  • 3 best brand opportunities that you can take advantage of right now
  • Bonus: Digital thank you card
    (free Canva account required)
  • Optional "Your Story" video add on
    (at additional cost)

Full Brand Design/Re-Brand

$ 1999
starting at /+ tax
  • Everything from the Brand Road Map
    (a $999 value!)
  • Delivery of your logo in multiple versions
    (full colour, black, white, transparent background)
  • Set up on 2 social media platforms
    (a cover page & profile pic for each)
  • 60 mins 1:1 time with Amy
  • Bonus: Brand setup in Canva
    (free Canva account required)
  • Optional "Your Story" video add on
    (at additional cost)

Take the first step towards an amazing new look for your business

It’s free. No strings attached. 

How we work together


I listen as you tell me everything about your company, your likes/dislikes and what you want to communicate.


I’ll put together your deliverables with care. I prioritize functionality and style.


We’ll go back and forth or even do a live design review. I’m not happy until you are happy.


The best part! You get to show your awesome brand with the world. You can put your new logo everywhere!

What my clients say

Working with Amy is ... fun! Amy is very professional. She walks you through a process of great questions so that she can truly understand your business and your goals. She is very flexible when it comes to discussing ideas and moving in new directions. She also goes above and beyond in terms of providing you with everything you need to easily use and access the graphics she creates. I felt heard and respected throughout the process and am VERY pleased with the results. I look forward to continuing to work with Amy.
Mary Jane Copps
Amy took our logo and made it an "umbrella", creating a variety of variations which could suit any purpose and still honour the original design. It's a huge help!
Cole Harbour Heritage Farm

What people ask

A brand is more than just a logo. It’s an umbrella! It’s really every piece of content you produce from your business cards to a trade show banner, even your invoices. Any time anyone sees your company name, they should see the same unique combination of colours/fonts/icons and feel the same feelings about you. Each of these attributes need thought and care. I have the expertise and experience to anticipate every brand opportunity and give you appropriate files so that you are ready no matter what comes your way.

It has been said that potential customers need to have 7-12 interactions or touch points with a company before they buy. Unless each one of those interactions is consistent (same name/font/colour/icons), they don’t count towards the 7-12. Not being consistent can cause confusion and drive your customers away. The best approach is to be consistent so your customers recognize you every time. People buy from brands they trust. The best way to earn trust (and sales!) is consistency.

Of course not. Most companies tweak their brands over time to adjust to changing cultural and business landscapes. (Read more about brand iteration here.) Make careful choices now that you can commit to and test over time. You have probably heard of re-branding, well you have to have an established brand before you can re-brand. 🙂 

Take the first step towards an amazing new look for your business

It’s free. No strings attached.