In 1943, a psychologist named Abraham Maslow published “A Theory of Human Motivation” in Psychological Review. Many are familiar with his Hierarchy of Needs represented as a pyramid with 5 basic blocks: Physiological, Safety, Belonging, Esteem and Self-actualization. Many of us have re-positioned ourselves to shore up these blocks as COVID-19 became a major health threat. We bought extra food (and toilet paper), adjusted our work locations and changed how we connected with family and friends. Most of us were creative, cautious and kind. Many business owners did the same thing (we are people too after all). They tried to secure human resources and supply chains, pivoted their offerings, dug deep into cash reserves and signed up for government support. As we have all changed, pivoted and adjusted, we communicated. Some businesses did it well and some did not. Some increased their social media presence, some put up signs and some went silent. The businesses that have communicated well have stayed top of mind to their customers and those who did not may not be around when health restrictions are lifted. Now more than ever- when our very survival is at stake- we have to shore up the most important levels of the pyramid. Graphic designers help businesses communicate well and survive.

Maslow’s extra level is communication

No matter what kind of business you run, the most basic survival of any business is cash. Cash is the air a business breathes and without it, businesses die. If I could add another layer to Maslow’s pyramid, it would be communication. I would add it as an all encompassing layer wrapping around the whole pyramid, important at every level.

Whether it’s an ad on Facebook about your latest offering, a sign on the door outlining your COVID procedures or no online presence at all, we are communicating with our actions and our words. Complex or simple, we cannot expect any of our needs to be met if we don’t communicate about them. If we communicate well, our needs can be met more quickly and efficiently.

Businesses need to communicate well to survive

If we do not communicate well, we cannot survive let alone change or grow. Without telling our community we have an offering, they remain ignorant and we have no customers, no cash and no business. Without communicating to our employees or suppliers, our wishes for new products or procedures go unheard and unfulfilled. We cannot make partnerships without communicating mutual benefit and our clients and employees remain unrecognized unless we speak to them. Lastly, we certainly cannot fulfill our corporate responsibilities to our company, our community, or our environment if we don’t tell our stories. Fail to communicate well and at best, the connection between company-customer can’t get off the ground or the worst, our reputation is irreparably damaged.

By communicating well, not only do we survive, we thrive and climb the pyramid. Our company will grow and our needs become more complex. We attract excited customers, have well functioning supply chains, fruitful partnerships, industry recognition and the respect of our community.

Graphic designers help businesses communicate well and survive

Communicating well means that a message is delivered in the most effective and efficient way possible with maximum understanding. It means our messages are received as they are intended. Our message is received in context of the current date/time but also in context of the industry and brand.

Graphic designers are essential for communicating well. We are experts at design principles like colour, fonts and visual hierarchy as well as design programs, mediums and print processes. We use visuals to invoke feelings and connect businesses to their customers. We engage using the fastest speed– images. We make simple ideas beautiful and explain complex ideas visually. Most importantly- we value consistency, the cornerstone for successful communication. We are efficient, experienced and are here to help you survive- and thrive.

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