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I design websites for businesses of all sizes who want to start off on the right foot or need an upgrade after being in business a while. 

I’ve got the skills and expertise to create a website that shows people your business and allows people to find the information they need to do business with your company easily.

Legitimate businesses have a website

A website is the main place that potential customers come to find out more about your business. They may want to know when you are open, what your prices are or they may just want to find out if you are trustworthy. 

Having a website tells your potential customer that you have put time/effort/$ into your business and care enough to provide information publicly. 

A website establishes you as a competitor in your industry and can communicate for you to not only potential clients but to partners and peers. 

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What happens when someone views your website on their phone?

Should you care? Yes! Just over half of all website traffic is viewed on a mobile device so its best if you proactively design your website to look good no matter the screen size. 

The good news is that designing a website that is good for mobile users is easy! A WordPress website can detect what kind of device the user is on and adapt or respond to the screen size. This is called responsive design.

If you just threw something together and are wondering why you aren’t getting the traffic you’d hoped for, perhaps this is an issue. The information on your website is important but so is how it looks and performs. Each of these attributes needs thought and care.

Your website needs to be ready for any user on any device. It should be consistent with your brand and answer common questions about your products and services. Having a website helps show people your business, like you, trust you and can allow people to buy from you. It’s important!

Amy Summer

Hi, I'm Amy

I’m a freelance graphic designer with 20 years experience working with all sized businesses, governments, and non-profits. I understand how different blocks of information come together to tell a story on a website. I can make sure your website is on brand and easy to navigate. 

I use tried and true graphic design concepts like readability, hierarchy, & consistency with technology like WordPress to make sure your website looks good and that you can update it yourself.

I help you avoid costly mistakes and embarrassment due to inexperience or rushed design.

I design your website using your brand guidelines so your website is an extension of your company’s look and values.

I tell you like it is. I care about your business and am not afraid to tell you what’s not working.

How we work together


We’ll figure out all of the pages you need and if you need extra features like e-commerce capability, calendly integration etc. or if you need some extra help from a copy writer or photographer.


I’ll build your website in WordPress and design each page based on our conversations, best practices, and your branding.


We’ll go back and forth or even do a live design review. I’m not happy until you are happy.


The best part! You get to show your shiny new website with the world. I’ll even include some 1:1 time so you know how to update your site.

What my clients say

Amy was great to work with! She created an amazing logo and website for me!
Langille's Painting
I would definitely recommend Pixels & Pieces design!
SuBait Inc.
I am so glad I went with Amy!
Humble Dietitian

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