There is a 3rd option between simple logos and expensive agencies

Many people think that in order to have a legitimate business you have to pay $$$$ to an expensive agency- not true. Some other people think that the simple logo that your daughter/business advisor/you did up in Canva is also good enough- also not true. As a small business owner- what do you do?

There is a 3rd option between painful DIY and sky high expensive: having a relationship with a solopreneur like me. My approach to branding is more than a simple logo, DIY friendly, and working with me is within your reach.

DIY isn’t enough, you need the right guidance

Ok. I get it. When you started out, you just needed *something* to get going. You pulled up Canva and picked some colours and a font that you liked and after hours/days/weeks of agonizing, started running with what you had. You started putting your logo in places and got a few clients but now you realized there is something wrong that you can’t quite put your finger on. Maybe you pivoted or maybe you niched down or maybe you just aren’t getting engagement.

I spend lots of time with clients breaking down the anatomy of a logo (colour/font/shape/style) and making matches. I match how you want your customers to feel about your company and the feelings that your logo parts project. This is the foundation that agencies will spend weeks/months (and $$$$) pouring over and one off logo places will ignore. You need to understand how your branding is communicating for you and this is the start.

A lot of graphic designers will scoff at the idea of any DIY. We do have a lot of training that allows us to understand so many concepts in detail but since Canva has changed the design landscape, it’s silly to ignore the DIY possibilities. My approach is a bit different than a lot of graphic designers out there- I’m DIY friendly. I don’t want you to come back to me for every little thing. I want to create your brand with you, make sure it’s communicating well, then set you up in Canva which allows you to DIY easily.

Is an expensive agency a good fit for you anyway?

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of amazing full service agencies out there who do amazing work for the biggest brands on the planet. If you employ a bunch of people, publish a ton of content and need a full team to support you- go for it. It’s a good fit.

If you are a small business though, being an account number at an agency may not work for you. You want someone to talk it out with. Someone who knows what its like to be a small business. If you value building a 1:1 relationship with someone who knows what its like to think carefully about where you spend your money, consider a relationship with a solopreneur like me.

I make small business feel BIG

I founded Pixels & Pieces to bridge the gap between one and done logo services and expensive agencies. I can provide you with branding that communicates what you do and who you are that looks great and is DIY friendly. We’ll have a relationship that lasts longer than a one and done logo transaction and you don’t get lost among 100s of other agency accounts.

There is a 3rd option for branding that is better than a one and done logo and within your reach- me.