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My why is to empower others so that we see opportunity. I’ve got skills and expertise and the first thing I want to do is share it with others. 

I’m a dynamic, out going individual who loves to teach. I break down complex branding concepts and offer insight into complicated marketing processes.  I offer hands on Canva workshops for small groups as well as branding and marketing presentations for larger audiences.

Hi, I'm Amy

I’m the Founder & Force of Pixels & Pieces. I’m a graphic designer, project manager and life long learner. I completed a graphic design diploma in 2002, a BA in 2006 and a Masters of Science in Publishing in 2008. I also became a PMP in 2019. Also in 2019, after a corporate layoff, I joined an entrepreneur program and bought a laser engraver.

I’ve worked with all sized businesses, governments, and non-profits. I have a variety of experiences along my corporate career that include graphic design, marketing, project management, photography and writing.  

When I’m not making, traveling or skiing, I work from and live at home with my husband in Nova Scotia.

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Signature Workshop: Essential Branding for Entrepreneurs + Canva Level 1

You are mentoring a group of new entrepreneurs or are organizing business development for established business owners. 

They are working hard to organize all of the things they need to have a successful business. They are experts in their field but they don’t know what they don’t know about branding. They don’t know how to make marketing materials themselves or how to hire a graphic designer to help them communicate better.  They want to be confident that they have everything they need to look great and attract customers. 

My signature presentation ‘Essential Branding for Entrepreneurs’ explains what key decisions they need to make and then stick with over time so they can take advantage of every brand opportunity that comes their way. Think of branding as an umbrella. All of the visual cues, such as shapes, symbols, number, and words and all of the things you see, hear and feel about a brand is under this umbrella. Each of these attributes needs thought and care.

Companies need to be ready to apply their company logo, colours and fonts in multiple situations quickly & easily. Being consistent with branding is the best way to gain trust and customers over time. This workshop involves a presentation delivered over Zoom and then we complete a click-along-with-me exercise in Canva so workshop participants learn to use their brand quickly and effectively. 

I help small business owners understand how to use branding effectively to create awareness which leads to sales.

Most people underestimate the time/effort/$ it takes to get their branding off the ground.

What my clients say

Amy is very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Her “there are no stupid questions” policy makes it a very safe and enjoyable environment to learn in. Thank you for a great class!
If you want to get comfortable with branding basics and learn to deploy your brand more consistently, this is perfect for you.
Amy is very helpful, she has a lot of useful knowledge and expresses it well.

Am I a good fit for your event or entrepreneur group?