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I help businesses of all sizes who want to launch their business or who need some guidance after being in business a while. 

I’ve got the skills and expertise to create an unique marketing plan with just the right combination of awareness and metrics that tells the story of your business.

Where are you?

As a small business owner, you are the steward of this relationship marketing cycle. Potential customers become aware of you (KNOW), they see something they LIKE about you, they come to TRUST you and then after an average of 5-12 interactions they BUY from you.  You have to know what interactions you are having with people at every stage of this cycle.

I help you avoid wasted effort by charting a path outlining what you are saying to who-when.

I help you plan your business or product launch or lay out a general strategy.  

I tell you like it is. I care about your business and am not afraid to tell you what’s not working.

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Brand Opportunity WorkSheet

How are you communicating with people, peers, and partners at each circle? How are you flexing your brand when you want people to know your exist? When you want them to trust you or buy from you? 

Many people spent lots of time on large things like a website or signage but don’t remember that there are lots of smaller places to flex your brand that cost you nothing. Think your company email signature or invoice. 

Download my free branding opportunities worksheet and you’ll have a place to explore all of the ways you can flex your brand, be consistent and gain trust with your customers. It also includes 50 common branding opportunities that you can use to flex your brand. 

What's my business story?

I’ve become a fan of the book “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller and so have my clients. This book teaches companies how to create a clear story that tells your customers what you can do for them. I can walk you through the StoryBrand script for your business and uncover your unique story. This approach will clarify who you are, what you do and what value you provide to your customers.  Once you’ve uncovered your story, you’ll have a whole host of copy that you can use anywhere. I combine this copy with a solid strategy to help drive your business forward.

Here’s Pixels & Pieces’ story: 

My clients want to show people, peers and partners their business. They have a problem: technical skill & expertise in branding & marketing. They don’t know how to bring their own ideas to life. They are experts in their field and know they need to communicate better and they are afraid their business may fail. 

I own my own business so I know the cycles, seasons, funnels and processes of gaining clients. I have entrepreneurial spirit and values and I know the pressure of gaining new clients. I also have years of experience branding & planning marketing for non-profits, government and small businesses. 

Clients can download my free brand guide or book a chat with me to get started. Working with me will transform their small business with an unrealized vision and less business legitimacy to a business that looks appealing to their target audience, better customer awareness and a business that is taken seriously by consumers and competition alike.

What’s your business story?

Amy Sept 2021

Hi, I'm Amy

I’ve spent my career in non-profits, small businesses and government agencies. Most of the time I was the “jack of all trades” which meant that in addition to flexing my graphic design expertise, I also learned a lot of communications skills and project management (I decided to get my PMP in 2019!). 

Collecting these skills along the way has been super helpful for my clients. If they need to plan out their business launch after we’ve done a website, they don’t have to hire someone new, I am here for them. If they’ve just finished a branding project, I can help them strategize which channels would be best for them to start communicating on. 

The right and left sides of my brain work together as one which saves you money and offers some seriously high value!

What my clients say

Amy is very professional. She walks you through a process of great questions so that she can truly understand your business and your goals. She is very flexible when it comes to discussing ideas and moving in new directions. I felt heard and respected throughout the process and am VERY pleased with the results. I look forward to continuing to work with Amy.
Mary Jane Copps
From start to finish Amy was wonderful to work with. She really listened to what I needed and asked the right questions I didn't even think of.
Fitwell Family

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