Let's Make Something

I can design your logo and put it on anything using my laser engraver. Need something more traditional like a brochure, magazines, or poster? I’m ready.

I’ll help you communicate your services and products on paper, digitally or through a bespoke promotional product.,

Flex your brand, gain more clients

What’s the best way for you to show people your business? A presentation? A sign on the street? A brochure or a social media ad? While adapting to COVID-19, printed pieces are a great way to connect with your customers when they can’t or won’t come into your place of business. Are you a coach or dietitian and need some worksheets to help your clients retain information or track their progress? Let’s make something!

I’ve got 20 years experience helping small businesses show people their business and I’ve been making some pretty cool stuff on my laser too!

If you want to chat about what the best way to flex your brand, book a free chat with me to get started. It’s free and I can help advise you on the how to be consistent with your brand to gain trust and more sales. If you want to get started with a custom promotional product, scroll down and shop directly. 

Custom Promotional Products

Picture your logo on any one of these cool custom products!

What my clients say

When I saw the sample card holder that Amy showed me, I knew I wanted one for myself. I love the way it turned out! Done with care.
Linda Daley
I am very happy to recommend Amy’s work. Every piece Amy creates is not only a piece of art but also a piece that takes you to a new imagination. Her work is more a therapy than just a design. Struggling with design and creativity? hire Amy 🙂
Georges Hanna

Printed Pieces

Printed pieces can help you gain new customers but can also help you keep existing ones. Harvard Business Review found that “[the] “Email + catalog” marketing approach experienced a 15% lift in sales and a 27% lift in inquiries.” A tactile take away helps keep your customers engaged. Read more on my blog “The importance of print issues“.

Print Samples