I sell business confidence

I create branding and websites and everything in between. What I’ve learned recently is that my clients aren’t buying logos from me, they are buying business confidence. This feeling can’t be bottled or packaged and you may only know it when you feel it. Tough sell!

The smile that keeps on giving

As I’ve come along in my own entrepreneurial journey, I realized that I could provide many services (graphic design, website design, brochures, business cards and many others) and it was a challenge to figure out how to get potential clients to pick me from the millions of others. After spending 1:1 time with many clients I realized that the real delivery wasn’t the JPG or PNG files, it was this genuine eye-crinkling-smile as they saw their finished branding for the first time.

This smile continues days, weeks, later when I would get emails from my clients who told me how easy and wonderful working with their new branding was and how happy they were to show it off.

Confidence climbs mountains

I’m not a coach or a mentor for hire. I’m a graphic designer with 20 years of experience with colours, fonts, shapes, and styles so this experience of delivering new found confidence was very much a surprise to me. Some of my clients were holding back on social media or delaying development of a new product because they weren’t confident how it was going to look online or on a shelf.

After working together, they were back on social media, happy to hand out their business card, and developing new products! Their past struggles were long forgotten. They had new energy to tackle marketing challenges like never before!

Branding = legitimacy = confidence

My clients are slaying it in the marketing world but also standing taller because after our branding project they feel like real, bonefide, legitimate businesses. Look at my logo- my sign, my poster, my branded pen! I’m doing this!

There is a face to their business, something that can speak for their business outside of themselves. My clients are confident that their branding is communicating what their company does and attracting their ideal clients.

You know it when you feel it

Sometimes we can look at our socials or packaging and only feel ‘meh’. Maybe your daughter/business advisor/friend threw a logo together in Canva for you and you feel less than great about it. You know something isn’t right but you can’t put your finger on it.

By contrast- it’s an indescribable feeling when you love your branding. You feel confident and free to put your logo anywhere and everywhere and tell everyone about your business. You are free to focus on the parts of your business you are good at and passionate about.

This brand new branding feeling can’t be bottled or packaged but oh boy-you know it when you feel it.