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Your company needs a solid brand to be recognized in your industry, to establish credibility and to spark a connection between your business and your potential customers.

Issues & Catalogs

Do you have a seasonal business and want to show off new products in a glossy catalog? Or can you provide insightful analysis of your industry and want to become a thought leader?

a collage of different slides with the same colour theme


If you are a coach/consultant/trainer you know how long it takes you to do a different slide deck for each client or project or keynote. What if you could reduce the time you spend on slides from 5 hours to 5 mins?

Smaller stuff

Ok, you’ve got your logo and brand guide in hand. Now you need a business card, a poster, some on brand social posts or even a back drop for a trade show- I got you.

Help! I need everything!

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know how hard it can be to keep up with everything. You want to focus on serving your clients and don't have tons of time to setup your digital home.

I'll help you get all of the pieces you need (logo, website, social media) under control so you can adapt quickly to digital demands and gain more customers.

I leverage both the creative and analytical side of my brain to deliver some #seriouslyhighvalue

Retainer Services

Are you looking for a partner and advisor to take your business to the next level? Do you have work on a monthly basis but don’t want to hire a designer full time? I’m here for you. Let me help you get back to the things you love doing and I can take care of things behind the scenes with less paper work and simplified accounting.

Bonus: Custom promotional products

Looking for a thoughtful way to reach out to someone special? Want to promote your business in a bespoke way? There are so many possibilities! Custom key chains, coasters, business card holders and name tags are just the start. No minimum orders. Made from reclaimed or sustainable materials when possible. Drop off delivery in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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