Tell me about your laser Amy

Pixels & Pieces is a full service design business. I help businesses with their visual identities and wanted to take it a step further- so now I also offer our clients customized promotional & personal products using my laser engraver.

What is a laser engraver exactly?

I thought that the best way to explain to folks I’ve been networking with about my offerings was to show them, so I printed a name tag with ‘ask me about my laser’ on it and I’ve gotten lots of positive response. If you see me out and about, ask me about my laser, I usually always have some sample products you can touch!

Me & my GlowForge

My laser engraver is a GlowForge. It is a CO2 laser that will engrave and cut a lot of different materials. Wood, acrylic, leather, metal, paper, glass… there are many awesome possibilities! I can take your logo or design and engrave the surface of whatever you want to brand. I can also design and make items from scratch (like the box above), making them truly bespoke- no one else will have exactly the same thing! I’ve had so much fun learning about different materials (with a few mishaps I am not afraid to tell you) and it’s really taken my business to the next level.

A living hinge

One of the coolest things I’ve learned about my laser is the living hinge. My laser can make a bunch of tiny micro-cuts which allows the wood to essentially bend and stay intact. I made this cool business card display, a completely bespoke creation, it can’t be duplicated, the design is original and since each piece of wood is slightly different from the next, there will be neat variations between pieces.

Before: the laser makes a bunch of tiny cuts that will allow the wood to bend After: the finished product: a business card display

Watch my laser in action!

Last December I made some sweet holiday ornaments for my fellow CEEDlings (those of us taking entrepreneurial training at CEED), have a look at the video below to see how they are made.

I’d love to help you put your logo or design on something special, get in touch so we can get started!